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CA-OAAJ: Consulting Assignment - Organization Alignment with Agile and Jira Software

Assignment Activities

This short-term assignment provides...

1Configuration/customization of Jira Software (Cloud or Server) projects, issues, workflows, fields, screens, dashboards, automations, etc. to accommodate your organization's specific environment
2Coaching/training of individuals and teams in the adoption of Agile values, principles, approaches and associated mindset 
3Coaching/training of individuals and teams on the appropriate/effective use of Jira Software in the support of various Agile approaches (Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban and scaled)

Estimated Duration

A high-level estimate of duration can only be provided once sufficient information regarding the scope of the assignment has been determined

Typical Audience Role

Middle management; product owners/customer representatives; team-level


100% Remote (Microsoft Teams or Zoom)

Jira Software access

All Jira configuration requires Jira Administrator permissions to be provided

Product Id



$125.00/hour C2C

Payment Terms

Net 30 days

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