TE-BIA: Training Event - Brief Intro to Agile

Event Content

Training event provides a brief introduction to...

1Agile Manifesto (Values & Principles)
2Agile Transformation from Waterfall
3Lean Agile
4Agile Approaches (Scrum, Kanban & Scrumban)
5Scaled Agile (Scrum@Scale, Less & SAFe)
6Value Streams
7Q&A (final 15 minutes)


2 hours

Typical Audience Role

Executive; senior & middle management; product owners/customer representatives; team-level


100% Remote (Microsoft Teams or Zoom)

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10 attendees or less = $1250.00 C2C, plus $110.00 for each additional attendee

Final invoice amount is based on the highest number of attendees (indicated by either  Microsoft Teams or Zoom) at any time during the event, regardless of the percentage of event time attended

Payment Terms

Net 30 calendar days from date of invoice. We provide a 2.5% discount if paid net 15 calendar days

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